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Aspire Property Styling specialises in styling properties for sale to achieve maximum results. Our talented team consistently achieve outstanding results and provide an exceptional service for our clients across the Central Coast, NSW.

Property Styling

Property styling is all about presenting your home as the buyer’s dream home.

Research tells us that emotion and eye-catching appeal are key elements in the buying decision.

When you walk into a bare, empty house what do you feel? Does it feel warm and inviting? Is it easy to imagine living in this space?

Professional property styling is about creating an inspirational vision of your home as a place where the buyer can feel right at home.

In fact, more than 80% of buyers will find it easier to imagine living in your home when it has been professionally styled.

Property styling is the perfect way to showcase your home’s best features and draw attention away from any less attractive aspects.


Home Staging - Full

The property market can be tough. Selling your property can be stressful enough without the anxiety of trying to ensure your property has the ‘wow’ factor that generates buyer interest.

Market research shows that empty houses tend to sit longer, generate less buyer interest and sell for lower prices than fully furnished homes. Without that extra special sparkle your home could become one of those stale listings that sit for ages.

Our full home staging service is perfect for vacant or unfurnished homes. Full home staging provides all the furniture, home wares, and artwork your home needs to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Property styling creates an immaculate vision that will enable potential buyers to feel a connection with your property. Our experienced interior designers know just what items, colours and styles will appeal to your home’s particular target market.

They’ll work with your homes best features as well as the not so good aspects to build an instant rapport with those buyers. Expert installation ensures the ideal placement of each item to maximise space and enhance the natural ambiance and lighting of each room.

This will not only enhance the feel and flow of each room but will disguise any less appealing characteristics. A full property styling package will ensure that the real estate photo shoot captures the special essence of your home.

Real estate marketers constantly point out that successful home marketing is all about creating buyer interest amongst the appropriate target market demographic.

Do you really know what your potential buyer is looking for, what turns them on, and what makes them really feel at home? You can’t afford to make mistakes with your marketing campaign. Aspire will make sure you get it right.

Home Staging - Partial

Partial property styling is the ideal solution for partially furnished houses, where the vendor is still living in the property or for tighter budgets. We’ll use your existing furniture and install additional furniture items and artworks to enhance the appearance of your home and increase the success of the sales campaign.

Our expert interior stylists will advise on the ideal placement of your existing furnishings as well as how best to incorporate additional furniture and accessories.

People are often surprised to find that the way they’ve been living in their home doesn’t always make the most of all its advantages or even make sense to potential buyers.

The buyer’s first impressions count and even the smallest negative impression can be really off-putting. That’s why the advice of a professional property stylist is so important.

The reality is not presenting your home at its best could cost you some serious dollars in lower sale price, additional advertising, and wait time.

Enlisting one of our home staging specialists will ensure your real estate listing photos really shows your property to its full potential and draws in the buyers.

In fact, partial home staging or property styling can not only save you money but can actually increase your property’s sale price significantly.

Photo Shoot Styling

Real estate photos are the doorway into the buyer’s heart.

In fact, without great photos your property is going to be tough to sell.

But there’s only so much a professional photographer can do to improve your listing if you don’t present your home in the best possible light.

That’s where our photo shoot service can make all the difference. We’ll supply and set up all the furniture and accessories, homewares, and artwork ready for the photo shoot.

We’ll co-ordinate with your real estate agent and the photographer and make sure you get real estate photos that will truly standout in any marketing campaign.

Photo shoot styling is a great choice for those on a tight budget or where living arrangements preclude the use of partial or full styling services.

Styling Consultation

Perhaps you just want some advice on how to best to present your home ready for sale or before you get a valuation.

Maybe your budget won’t go further at the moment but you still want the real estate agent and potential buyers to see your property in its best light.

In-home consultations provide an exceptional opportunity to showcase your home.

We’ll follow this up with a comprehensive report and an action plan full of recommendations and suggestions for how you can make your home look really special and generate real buyer interest.

Sales Results

Property styling is increasingly popular in Australia and there’s a good reason for that.

The market research shows that using professional property styling services leads to increased sales and higher sales prices.

Whether you’re a homeowner selling a private residence, a property developer promoting an apartment building or a display home or you’re selling retirement villas/holiday lets our professional property styling can help you realise faster sales times.

Here at Aspire we’re confident that you’ll be impressed with the results. That’s because our services are backed up by expert interior design skills and knowledge, in-depth real estate market experience, and invaluable insights into your target market.

Property Styling Costs

Whatever your budget we’ve got a property styling service that will repay the cost many times over.

Property styling services start from $180 and range up to $2500 plus depending on whats required. We know every home is different so the quote will be bespoke to your requirements.

Market research indicates that properties that benefit from professional property styling services may realise sales of 10% or more above listed pricings.




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